Shane Anderson
Paintless Dent Removal Introductory Course
My name is Shane Anderson and I have been fixing dents around the globe for over 23 years

I've been the choice dent repairer for companies such as BMW Australia, Capital Smart and Gemini A.R.C.

You will get 2 days hands-on training with a Master PDR trainer who will walk you through not only the basics of PDR but have you fixing real customer cars, while carefully watching every step and making sure the fundamentals are set in stone
Lori Clark
Business Strategist
Looking to take your current success and elevate yourself?

My name is Lori Clark and I’m a personal and business coach helping business-minded people bring their best selves forward EVERY DAY. Originally from Utah, I’ve made my way through a vast variety of different businesses.

Having the privilege to work with some of the best up-and-coming business owners across America, Australia, and New Zealand. This journey has taught me many of the deep insights into human psychology in the business world, and the personal growth that is required to be successful in this day and age. This allows me to share these insights and how it's impacted me personally.

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